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LOOKING AT THE FUTURE - Interview with Luana Pelati
After 2020, the time has come to discuss a year that has reserved numerous challenges. We talked about it with decision makers in the SPA, Beauty and Wellness market to whom we asked for suggestions and strategies for 2021.
Elisabetta Farneti - 13/02/2021

Laura Pelati - Gerard's

Since 1970 Gerard's has been carrying on the culture of cosmetics with an international vocation, today integrating aesthetics and essence into a global brand, which affirms the value of formulations and treatments throughout the world.

It's been 6 months since the previous interview. How has the vision of the future of the sector changed since then?

This emergency has taught us that in a period of great change and uncertainty, in order to survive, we must leverage our professionalism with resilience and proactivity. As for all operators in the sector, even for Gerard's the last few months have been challenging, but we have never abandoned our ability to project ourselves towards the future, trying right away to transform problems into opportunities and strengthening our professionalism and that of ours. partner thanks to highly specialized training courses provided by our Gerard's Academy which has never stopped operating even remotely. It is now evident that this crisis cannot be overcome with one-off interventions, it is necessary to consider the Beauty Center and SPA as fully-fledged companies, to do this it is necessary to intervene at 360 ° to stand out, make a difference and become the reference point with a proposal of excellence and acquire all the managerial skills necessary to manage a successful business. Among the various initiatives we have planned for 2021, the most relevant is certainly Gerard's Way, an intensive 7-day thematic in-depth course reserved for our affiliates so that they can learn all the exclusive and identifying guidelines of the Gerard's Method. The topics that will be dealt with are many: how to carry out a face-body anamnesis, how to enhance the image of the center up to the more technical courses of strategic marketing and managerial management.

Will this pandemic change the concept of well-being and the places dedicated to it in everyday life and on vacation?

If even before the Covid emergency the need for well-being was already a very strong trend, it will be even more so after this pandemic. People will need even more to feel good and to be pampered. Suffice it to say that the word well-being in itself derives from the composition of well-being or "feel good", a concept that today more than ever is not limited only to appearance and physical health, but has a much broader meaning. We are talking about a "state of complete physical, mental and social well-being" that is a fundamental factor for the balance of various aspects of our life: not only the aesthetic one then, but also the emotional and mental one. In today's life, where stress and anxiety levels have undergone a sudden surge, the need to recover the energies of the body and soul turns into a need that a wellness ritual is fully able to satisfy. In Gerard's the concept of wellbeing has been internalized in our DNA for many years and today we like to talk about a more advanced concept of wellness, today we are talking about feeling good that refers to Welloving, understood as "loving yourself".

The Wellness & SPA "decision makers", like you, in what will they have to invest immediately to harness and govern the general changes generated by COVID-19?

This year for the first time we were sponsors of the World Wellness Weekend, the global event dedicated to wellness promoters. For the occasion we have launched an initiative that has met with extraordinary success and that we intend to carry on, WellovingWeekGerard's, an entire week dedicated to wellness in which Gerard's centers have become the spokespersons of a 360 ° healthy lifestyle by introducing two exclusive rituals with a harmonizing and rebalancing effect. On the occasion of Welloving Week Gerard's we offered the centers that had joined the initiative an exclusive day dedicated to psychophysical balance with a holistic personal trainer, Antonella Trombetta. The initiative was so successful that we decided to transform it into an intensive 4-day in-depth course aimed at rebalancing the chakras, which we called "Bring Enthusiasm into your Life". The course will be held in 2021 and the goal is to be able to find and maintain a global energy balance between mind, body and spirit, essential for being able to live life with enthusiasm and reach a state of authentic and profound well-being. During the second lockdown we also organized free weekly webinars of meditation, personal growth and energy rebalancing for all our partners, to help them face even the most difficult moments always with enthusiasm and positivity.

Finally, same question as 6 months ago: optimistic or pessimistic and why?

I feel optimistic. I firmly believe that enthusiasm, resilience and positivity are the fundamental tools to be able to face each new challenge and it is the approach with which we want to welcome this new year. Our 2021 will begin with some extraordinary news, new products, new treatments and new initiatives for our customers, the watchword for our 2021 is to amaze.

Elisabetta Farneti