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Which treatments with emotional showers?
Scrubs, massages, hammam rituals, are some of the treatments that amplify the potential of the latest generation of emotional showers, qualifying the SPA services
Elisabetta Farneti - 06/06/2018

The emotional shower, also called "Vichy shower" is a form of hydrotherapy performed for decades in the centers of natural healing and thalassotherapy. This type of shower at the right intensity causes a strong stimulating effect of the cutaneous circulation, moreover, through the fine skin reflections, the neurovegetative system is also stimulated, whose internal effects can reach a considerable depth. 

We asked for information about the subject to Gabriella Francia, SPA consultant and head of research and development projects in the wellness sector. 


"It must be said immediately - Gabriella explains - that the great advantage of the most innovative emotional showers lies in the possibility of use without operator and in the great profitability for the SPA, which can offer high level treatments without the use of personnel and with great margins. Add to this the advantage of being able to combine massages, scrubs, thermal mud, Moroccan ritual with Argan oil, etc. So let's talk about a microcosm of pure well-being ".


High technology and massages

“The new generation of emotional showers - adds Gabriellla - combine innovative technologies to reproduce the manual massage done by expert hands. The most advanced, for example, thanks to around 1200 electronically programmed water jets, exploit the effect of rain water to stimulate and tone the tissues and at the same time relax deeply. The jets of water flow on the skin with sequences, intensity and variable temperatures, for a capillary interaction with every part of the body. The combination of colors, aromas and melodies accentuates the benefits on the nervous system, fueling emotions and feelings of well-being.

The water pressure, in addition to massage, stimulates the lymphatic circulation, increases the oxygenation of cells and drains the tissues, facilitating the elimination of toxins and allowing, thus, to eliminate the heaviness in the legs and counteract the effects of cellulitis . The fast regeneration of the cells, causes the tissues to be detoxified and oxygenated, generating purifying benefits even at the subcutaneous level, for a deep and global no-age action. Each jet acts with an intense and relaxing epithelial micro massage through the fine skin reflections, with a no-stress action of great effectiveness comparable only to manual massage”.


Relaxing and stimulating

The emotional shower has an initially relaxing effect, but in the long run becomes stimulating. The water, falling in rain with a variable intensity, flows naturally throughout the body allowing you to perform various treatments, such as a body scrub or an aquatic massage.


Enhanced massages

The most innovative emotional showers enhance the pleasantness and the effects of the treatments carried out with the operator. "In more advanced versions, for example - underlines Gabriella - the pattern of the jets is always different for which the mind relaxes and triggers a sort of “mental washing” that makes the body more receptive to stimulation.



the scrub and cleansing of the body give excellent results if done with emotional shower. The massage with oil in the shower makes it adhere well to the skin facilitating the maneuvers of the masseur and improving the effect. In addition to the extreme pleasantness, the final result will be a skin that is not greasy but soft and silky.


Anti-cellulite treatments 

The water supplied by the jets (you can also use thermal or marine water to enhance and further characterize the treatments) acts on the circulation. An ideal situation for all treatments that want to fight cellulite.


Relaxing muscle treatments

The rhythm and intensity of the water jets, the heat, the colors of the chromotherapy produce a muscle relaxant effect, improving the tension of the muscle groups. Indicated in this case to enhance the treatment of the operator on contractures, tension after sport, jet lag sickness or pronounced stress.





With thermal mud 

The use of thermal mud in this case becomes even more effective and pleasant. A light initial scrub to enhance results and treatment in the emotional shower also becomes fun (even in this case you could combine the use of thermal or marine water).


Argan oil and black soap

"Among the various protocols that can be combined with emotional showers - adds Gabriella France - we can include, for example, the Moroccan ritual with massage with Argan oil including also the scalp. Or treat the skin with black soap, following a relaxing or invigorating massage “.


"It is good to know that under the jets of the emotional shower the pores dilate, toxins are eliminated and the stratum corneum opens up, welcoming the treatment better and amplifying its benefits. In addition, a large spa is not required to install a modern emotional shower. All you need is a wellness corner. The results are excellent even without using creams and cosmetics and, as already mentioned, without the necessary presence of an operator who can then dedicate himself to something else ".

Elisabetta Farneti