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DeepBeauty is an advanced method, a new approach that effectively acts on all the body imperfections, in a personalized way, continuing the treatment even at home to enhance the results.
Elisabetta Farneti - 16/11/2018

Combined action of 4 modern technologies

DeepBeauty is a molecular oscillator that, combined with the delivery of functional cosmetics, specially designed, energizes the molecules of the treated tissue, promoting the expulsion of metabolic waste.

Deep Beauty method is the synergy between microcurrents and internal management software that allows the management of polar therapy, molecular bioresonance and transdermal vehiculation.

Oscillatory resonances of Deep Beauty Method They painlessly stimulate the functional recovery of lymphatic ducts and guarantee the reactivation of cellular metabolism. This allows the reactivation of the microcirculation with increased peripheral blood flow, oxygenation and cellular nourishment.

The 5 key points that characterize DeepBeauty

The energy supplied by the machine is transmitted to the body through special gloves worn by the operator who performs the maneuvers. For the first time, the benefit and pleasure of massage are combined with innovative stimulation;

The results are such that you can see and feel the change in real time during the treatment;

4 programs allow you to act on the body systems that cause imperfection by bringing them back to function, with lasting results thanks to a newfound physiological balance;

Treatment is not invasive. In addition to an excellent drainage of excess fluids also acts on muscle toning, for better microcirculation, physiological emptying of fat reserves, abatement of swelling, pain and heaviness in the legs, all in one treatment;

With a single machine you can perform facial rejuvenation treatments, mesotherapy, slimming, cellulite, modeling the silhouette, scars, stretch marks. Thanks to specific manual accessories and a vacuum hand piece, it is possible to eliminate fibrous structures, act on a wrinkle, work on the quality of the tissues, increasing the functionality of collagen and elastin.

18 years of research

Behind this innovation there is a research work carried out over 18 years, which continues even after the birth of the DeepBeauty equipment. The scientific staff is further committed to create a tool that could work outside the institute of beauty, raising the quality of services, the results offered to customers and of course the earnings.

BabyBeauty: aesthetics at home

To complete the work of DeepBeauty born BabyBeauty, portable, wearable, rentable. The customers of the beauty center take home the beauty treatment that implements the results of DeepBeauty. BabyBeauty is managed independently on the days between one appointment and another. Thanks to a range of special clothing to which you can connect BabyBeauty, you can have a continuity of treatment during daily activities: at work, in leisure time, at home or during physical activity.

Two complementary tools that together shorten the cycle times of treatments guaranteeing visible results day by day.

Results immediately visible

• Stimulating antiaging effect on the face

• Oxygenating / antiedematous rebalancing effect

• Draining effect

• Regenerating Lipolytic effect

Thanks to the power of microcurrents, Method Deep Beauty BH, acts on the reduction of cellulite, localized adiposity and stretch marks, reactivating, simultaneously, the elasticity and tone of the connective tissue.

It counteracts wrinkles and skin aging, loss of tone on the face and body, sagging skin, hypotonia, dehydration and water retention with results that are observed in real time and continue their rehabilitation effect even in the days following the treatment. Thanks to the induced stimuli, a real re-education of the body function is created with a greater hydration, toning, remodeling and distension of the face and body tissues.

Elisabetta Farneti