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Deep Nature is now also in Italy thanks to the recently opened branch with the participation of YOUSPA. A team of managers, consultants, technicians and trainers to set up and manage high-level SPAs.
Elisabetta Farneti - 23/10/2019

Every new SPA must be a unique and strongly characterizing environment. Deep Nature's "mission" is to offer complete and tailor-made support in every phase of the realization of the project of its SPA: from the study of the identity and philosophy of the SPA, to its construction and management.
The team of specialists works to support the creation of an exceptional place, able to give unforgettable experiences. Not only: the SPAs are a real financial turning point and must be well managed to guarantee immediate and long-term profitability. Also in this case Deep Nature intervenes to support the concept of SPA
to a more commercial and profitable working method.
A working method that has already proved its worth in "luxury" destinations in the world.

Since 2004 it has been present in very prestigious places all over the world (sea, mountain, city); Deep Nature is attentive to the needs of spas that want to offer unforgettable moments of well-being. Professional equipment, qualified therapists, updated treatment menus for each season and tailored treatments are all elements that allow you to create quality services.

"The first resource of Deep Nature is the quality of its teams. It is a force that creates a true human relationship with the customer, a harmonious way of working together, the possibility of designing a tailor-made SPA, responding to the customer's requests. This is not an objective but the interest of all.We support in the management of the SPA we have designed.The heart of the activity is built on the field, thanks to the experience gained in different sectors such as SPA, thalassotherapy and aesthetics. from 80sqm to 8000sqm they become a reference for customers "(Julien Patty, President Deep Nature Group). The key values ​​are: excellence, elegance, emotion and tailor-made interventions.

After more than 10 years of experience in supporting SPAs around the world, today Deep Nature has strengthened its research and development offices, the engineering sector and the team of SPA consultants. This is thanks to partnerships with other companies such as bbspa & partners that add their skills value to increasingly qualified interventions.

bbspa & partner supports Deep Nature
bbspa & partners is a network of companies specialized in global consulting dedicated to the world of Wellness & SPA, putting quality and profitability of investments first. bbspa & partner adopts a methodology that has been tested and perfected at an international level in 30 years of activity, based on the analysis of concrete data, statistical surveys and detailed simulations, offering consultancy that strengthens the business in every aspect from the creation / management / restyling of the SPA, allowing you to reach the most profitable targets. The scientific advice of bbspa takes the form of "SPA TAILOR-MADE & TURNKEY" services, developed in synergy with the investor's objectives, costs and performance expectations. The services of bbspa Consulting, such as market analysis, concept creation, support of the design and implementation team, drafting of protocols and vademecum, selection and training of staff, support and management, are offered to improve already active SPAs or to develop completely new entrepreneurial activities. Through the services of bbspa Engineering and bbspa Building it is possible to support Architecture studios and workers, supporting them in all the choices that can concretely make the SPA unique and distinctive, optimizing at the same time the costs of creation and management. bbspa also supports entrepreneurs in the development of SPAs in which technologies and materials are in balance with the environment, obtaining significant savings from an energy point of view, with a consequent reduction in management costs.

Elisabetta Farneti