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From emergency to restart - interview with Andrea Quadrio Curzio
Together we will start again
Elisabetta Farneti - 27/07/2020

Q.C Terme - Among the most important and innovative companies in the wellness, spa and hotel hospitality sector. Wellness and spa centers. charming hotel in Bormio, Pré Saint Didier, Milan, Turin, Mont Blanc, Rome, San Pellegrino, Dolomites and Chamonix.

What are the initiatives planned by your company today to start again in the best possible way?
Health safety for our guests is a priority. A market survey that we conducted indicates a strong sensitivity on the subject in the 7oo / o of the interviewees. In QC Terme we have always been at the forefront, but now we have developed an additional guest protection program that we have christened "QC CARE", under the supervision of an epidemiologist: Dr. Paolo Gulisano. The program provides for the adoption of risk containment measures ranging from compulsory booking, to the quota of entrances, to social distancing, to sanitizing environments, air and water continuously, to serological tests to which all the our staff and guests.
Are you thinking about new products or services?
Yes, we have developed services and products that take into account changing needs and the situation in which we find ourselves. In addition to that of hygiene, there will also be greater services dedicated to the guests' experience, with small pampering and attentions. He surprises. In general, what we did was to drastically reduce the activities that involved gatherings and closeness between people, to encourage and enhance moments of closer sociality (not groups of friends, but couples of sisters, relatives, boyfriends, etc.).
Speaking of training, what is, in your opinion, the aspect to focus on at the moment?
Definitely the orientation towards the guest and the ability to manage the relationship with people. Today thinking and doing what our guests like is the most important thing, because we are in a situation of great and profound change and this must be the beacon that guides us and helps us not to lose our way.
Finally, are you optimistic or pessimistic?
I am an overall optimistic person, at least as an attitude towards life. Having said that, the current situation is certainly very difficult. You don't need a great economist or political scientist to understand that we are facing the biggest global economic and social crisis we have ever faced. This will entail profound changes and difficulties both for our sector and for society in general. I think that in the next 12-18 months we will have to do everything possible to try to keep the social system up and running. each doing their part and trying to help those who "will be left behind". The welfare market past this storm will be one of the sectors that will drive the restart. The fall is so fast and violent. so will the ascent. even if I don't plan very soon.

Elisabetta Farneti