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"MY SPA": the operational computer software for SPA and Wellness Centers

In recent years we are attending in to a high development of the Spa Market and a great increase in the number of facilities that offer services related to well-being. Even for this customers are more aware, informed and demanding. In a very competitive market, the difference is made by focusing on quality and organization.
Zucchetti Itaca is the leader in computer management of SPAs and Wellness Centers by twenty-five years , offering solutions that simplify and optimize all activities of resource management, planning and control.
An example is My SPA, the professional software made ​​by Zucchetti Itaca, with unique features in the world, for the optimal management of SPA, Thermal Spa and Wellness Centers. The software was born from a careful analysis of the specific needs of these realities. In this structures you have to manage daily or occasional customers, the activity is characterized both by one to one and by group reservations, you have to manage individual services, combinations of treatments and sale of products, at last, but not least, the human resources control and organization are very strategic.

My SPA offers the possibility to exploit the full potential of the web, managing reservations and sales transactions with accuracy and with the guarantee of the most advanced safety standards.
A modular structure software that enables customized solutions for every type of center: customer and personnel management, management of the sale of services / treatments / products, management of product/warehouse, collective and individual reservations, access control.
The opportunities offered by e-commerce solutions and e-booking, money cards and gift cards, management of loyalty - fidelity program, support for advertising activities -with sending sms and e-mails-, relationships with institutions and partners, possibility of analysis and statistics, are all very important for business development and marketing activities.
The strengths of My SPA are ease of use, because the software is designed and developed in collaboration with industries in the sector and tested in first-class SPAs; customization and business intelligence analysis, detail that makes this software unique in the world.

Another important characteristic of MY SPA is that it’s particularly suitable for use in organizations that manage chains of centers. In a logic of increasingly targeted and customized services Zucchetti Itaca has also created MY BEAUTY, the professional software for the management and control of beauty salons, wellness and rehabilitation centers.