How much water to drink daily and why
Carla Tinagli - 24/11/2015

Water is the main element of the human body: it's enough to be dehydrated for immediately feeling more tired, not very reactive, less able to work or study. Still, it is essential for the performance of vital functions (like breathing, digestion, stimulate blood flow) and to keep your skin toned. But what is the right amount of it to consume?

The theory that drinking two and a half litres of water a day (that is, eight glasses) has already been said to not, in fact, do quite so much good for your health.

This news was circulated on the web and in the media in mid-August and was picked up by an editor of the New York Times, who delivered statements by Aaron Carroll, professor of paediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis. But it was short-lived, since all international studies emphasize the importance of keeping hydrated properly.

“Two thousand five hundred millilitres for men, two thousand millilitres for women and one thousand five hundred millilitres for children are the recommended daily intakes,” writes Nicola Sorrentino, dietician and doctor of hydrology at the University of Pavia and author of the book The water diet (ed. Salani). And in his blog sull’Espresso Cambio dieta he states, “Given that only about five hundred to seven hundred millilitres, or 20%, can be supplied by food, the rest has to be introduced through drinks, and the water is definitely the best option."

There is nothing better than a stay at a spa, where it is easy for people to take care of themselves and drink the right amount of water (about eight glasses a day), which helps one feel good. 

Carla Tinagli
Journalist, she's been dealing with wellness, beauty and lifestyle for years. She collaborates with many newspapers and is always in pursuit of beautiful things and something that inspires you wellbeing.