SPA and Wellness Centers
The SPA and the importance of Light
Light is essential to life, gives energy and arouses the desire for well-being, builds space. Within a SPA light is a particularly important element, is the first emotion that greets you upon entering.
Guglielmo Mastrogiovanni - 09/03/2015

When we talk about wellness centres, it's clear that the first thoughts go towards water, showers, wellness courses, massages, rocks or relaxing hot drinks, but in reality there is a very important element that allows each of the aforementioned elements to transfer wellness in an even more efficient way, LIGHT.


Our creativity is born from the desire to surprise and transmit emotions, in particular a Spa, where it's important that structure, materials and natural elements can interact with light and change in its function.
The perception of the surrounding area and of the object is perceived in function of how light is modulated and structured, from which people's state of mind can be very influenced.
The union of light and materials is very important for the planning of a wellness centres, which has to allow materials that work with light to live. By shining a light on a waveform cover we can create a dynamic effect, that will look like the walls are moving, evoking the waves of the sea or the windy dunes of the desert. Shining on a covered rock can have the same effect of pebbles on the bottom of the sea, like if water was flowing on top of them, changing colour like when reflected by the sun's rays.
These effects are vital for a wellness centre, because one of the main characteristics of SPA s is to evoke feelings you would perceive in a natural and uncontaminated environment.
Another important aspect is when architecture becomes a lamp – there are backlit materials that can diffuse light in a homogeneous manner while hiding the light source, making it seem as though the material itself was shining. Light can emphasise a structure and chrome by making them dynamic and alive.


Another fascinating characteristic of light is that it can completely change the setting of a space, for example making it day or night.
Light enhances every environmental element such as water, air and steam, which are elements that are constantly present in a Spa, therefore it's vital that illumination can enhance its properties and characteristics in the best of ways.

In conclusion, light has the capacity to give communicative power to that which surrounds us, making it come to life and re-emerge from its static, transmitting emotions. Light has a great effect on people's mental state, either when natural or artificial, light in a spa can be an important factor for the execution of a perfect treatment. Light is essential to life, it awakens the need to feel good, it has an anti-depressive power and therefore improves humour and its heat relaxes the muscles and stretches the mind. Lighting in a Spa is fundamental and requires a careful study upon implementation.

Guglielmo Mastrogiovanni