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HAIR SPA: Wellness Centers for hair
The Importance of Maintaining Hair in Top Shape.

The Tricological approach to hair problems is more and more frequent in both men and women, and it is perhaps for this reason that Hair Spas, centres where the hair and scalp are taken care of, have recently become a new interesting reality. The scalp needs the same kind of attention as any other part of the body, and both tricological technicians and dermatologists that specialize in hair are the best kind of counsellors. In last few years giant steps have been made in the research to cure problems such as male pattern baldness, alopecia, psoriasis. Apart from the great progress made in the pharmacological field, the right approach also includes integrators and hair-care products. For an efficient intervention an examination of the situation is necessary to understand the hair follicle status and to highlight any possible causes of alteration. Chromomicroscanning is an innovative technique that by analysing the hair it can discover its morphology, its structure and various physiological and abnormal evolution by visualizing the aminoacids, oligoelements and vitamins values.

A scanning of the hair can identify the main causes for the problem and therefore formulate the best therapy to be used. In this field, essential oils become the go-to solution thanks to their properties that allow them to deeply penetrate the hair, and are a vehicle for the principles that stimulate micro-circulation, in particular to the capillaries who can generate more and stronger hair. Essential oils must be of great quality and can be used freely without having to exceed the quantity per application. Many different types exist with different uses for different problems (dry hair, split ends, dry scalp, dandruff, thinning hair) therefore consulting is necessary with the intervention of well trained personnel. Hair Spas can either be temples exclusively dedicated to taking care of one's hair or they can be annexed to larger wellness centres with lots of room. Often, they are extra high end environments with illuminated cabins that follow chromotherapy principles, have music to relax and head-washing armchairs that become massage beds. This idea that originated in Britain, (the first hair spa was opened in London in the 1980s) is recently becoming a very interesting new way of taking care of oneself, and in fact the largest hair spa in the world recently opened in New York City.