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Spa and Nature
Bio-energy for wellness.
Marco Nieri - 11/08/2015

Legends and myths describe trees as symbols of life. Ancient cultures in their wisdom advised men to hug a tree to understand its energy and to fortify personal character. Today scientific studies  on bio-electromagnetism have scientifically confirmed what was said by these ancient civilizations, verifying that existence and health of every living organism is strongly conditioned by thin electromagnetic and energetic mechanisms that constantly communicate with the environment. Today, nature's therapeutic energy is a precious knowledge that allows Spas and wellness centres to fuse and strengthen their principal resources and use the surrounding nature as one of the most sophisticated and effective methods to improve wellness, with an effect on both the body and the mind whose power unknown up until now.

Bioenergetic Landscape is an innovative discipline that has broadened the knowledge of energies between man, plants and the environment, developing an advanced technique that can help plan and realise “Bio-energetic” parks and gardens that can benefit our organism. This technique takes in very in very refined measurements that allow the verification that every single plant releases an electromagnetic wave with a very high affinity to the other ones around it. This way the human contact with a tree can be very beneficial for internal organs. The measurements that are taken using this technique allow us to search for the most adequate place to plant the beneficial tree species, and placing can allow plants and trees to positively change the bio-electromagnetic Biosphere that surrounds them.

Sojourning in these spaces can lead to a more intense and efficient recovery from stress, can rebalance heart beats, breathing and blood pressure, which is pleasing to the mind and can be a source of vital energy for the entire organism. Measurements taken with diagnostic, bioresonating and GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) bioelectrographic machines,  with vibrating electromagnetic machinery and infra-sound TRV-FAST used in US airports and military bases all prove these benefits.

This technique allows us to find out more about the therapeutic powers of the plant species present in different climatic zones, helping us in the choice of a Spa in order to enjoy the benefits that the various typologies of vegetation that surround it can offer. From the Mediterranean bush to to alpine woods, to tropical gardens, being in nature will bring benefit us in a way we will finally recognise.

Marco Nieri